SW Polk Fire goes for a bond

The SW Polk Fire District board voted Monday night to present a request for a bond to the voters of the District.  The bond would allow the District to finally replace failing communications equipment, outdated and unsafe SCBAs, aging apparatus.  The bond would also allow the District to place new station in the Salt Creek area, improving response times to accidents on Highway 22 and adding a base for recruitment of much needed volunteers.  Finally, the bond would allow for the replacement of the Rickreall station, a pieced together building with substantial structural and internal issues.  The fifteen year bond would cost the average home owner about $103 per year.

The District to this point has exhausted all other means to be able to replace the equipment and buildings.  The Board put significant thought and discussion into the decision to go for the bond, including talking to the SDAO, a third party fire expert to review services, and engaging a research company to reach out to SW Polk Fire voters.

Stay tuned for more info as the Board develops an information campaign to let the District members know what the need is for the District and why they have thoughtfully decided to present the bond solution to our members.